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We are the biggest sales network in Kurdistan and Iraq, we have direct contact with 4,846 sales retailers including: 66 branches of Hyper Markets, 200 supermarkets, 1800 minimarkets, 500 beauty centers, 200 barber shops, 1000 pharmacies, 30 Baby shops, 500 hotels in Erbil, 50 agencies in other cities and towns. We assure our customers that Mission company has got the world trademark license including: (dairy products, sweets, packed food, sauce, drinks, tobacco, dry foods, children supplies, sanitary, cosmetics and perfumes and food Supplements )

the biggest sales network in Kurdistan & Iraq


We are specialized in sales and distribution with the potential to deal with different types of customers and try to adapt all the international trade regulations, factory criteria and international brands with the local culture and work style.


Mission company is the biggest sales network throughout Kurdistan and Iraq, established and developed by Mr. HAWAR MALW. The company depends on mutual long-term benefit relationships in its transaction with customers and suppliers

We believe that continuation results from providing the best service and enhancing relations.

Provide the best service to our customers, distribution of the best quality in all terms, adoption of the best operating system, choosing the best customers in all aspects to deal with, choosing the best world standard employees.

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 +964 751 110 5115

Iraq, Kurdistan, Erbil, 100m, Italian Village one, Office No.A10

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